Corporate Partners

We are looking for respondents to participate in interviews. We are searching for leaders currently involved in a global leadership team with one or more different nationalities or cultural differences.

Leadership is increasingly a global discipline, as most organizations are becoming more global. Some due to border crossing business activities and close international partnerships. Others due to foreign employees and leaders working at local offices, and some due to dispersion of business activities, employees and offices combined. Globalization provides several opportunities. At the same time globalization requires leaders to create a shared direction, effective alignment, and motivation across larger cultural differences than ever before, often under very difficult circumstances. The leadership teams’ ability to operate globally and make leadership span nations and cultures, is pivotal for success in making the organization globally successful.

ALIGN’s ambition is to create new knowledge on leadership teams as global leadership hubs, as well as to gather experience on how to further improve methods of building more successful global teamwork on leadership.

We are searching for project participants

In phase 1, during the autumn 2016, we are looking for experienced leaders to participate in a 1-hour interview, conducted by researchers from Aarhus University and UKON. It can be interviews with one leader only, or with several leaders from the same leadership team.

In phase 2, during the spring 2017, we will develop prototypes of enhanced developmental methods for global leadership teams. In this connection, we are searching for global leadership teams to test new developmental activities in collaboration with experienced consultants from UKON. The researchers from UKON and Aarhus University will observe leadership meetings and parts of the work with prototypical developmental activities in the team.

We will of course secure the necessary anonymity for you as a participant.

When participating in this project with UKON A/S and Aarhus University, you will get a unique chance to create a deeper understanding of the dynamics at stake in your own global leadership team. Furthermore, you will be able to develop your global leadership team and shared leadership effect through participating in the prototype testing.

The projects result will be published regularly in both international research journals, and in the form of blog posts, columns and articles in the Danish press. We will of course secure the necessary anonymity for you in each publication.

We hope that our project has sparked your interest and desire to participate. If you are interested in participating in ALIGN, we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

For more information, read ALIGN’s full Introduction Letter, or feel free to contact UKON for more information.