Project Partners


ALIGN is initiated by UKON – Denmark’s leading consulting firm in organizational psychology and leadership development. UKON support managers in their implementation of ambitious goals or in situations where complicated challenges might obstruct the enterprise of the organization.

Through development of both personal leadership, the management team and the entire organization UKON make its customers able to solve leadership challenges quickly and efficiently.

UKON is committed to be academically strong and in the forefront of the field – for UKON’s own sake as well as for the sake of its customers. This is ensured through UKON’s own research activities and through our cooperation with both Danish and foreign universities.



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ALIGN is initiated in collaboration with SourceWise and Aarhus University, and with support from Innovation Fund Denmark.

Aarhus University is currently working on an intercultural project for the purpose of supporting and grooming students in a globalized context. Project Intercultural Competencies (PINK) is a research-based project at Aarhus University aiming to support students involved with intercultural work. PINK’s purpose is to create a fruitful and valuable connection between research, education, and knowledge exchange. The value lies in creating more knowledge of the benefits of intercultural relations and competencies when dealing with the increasing intercultural challenges we are facing today. ALIGN is perfectly suitable for PINK, as it will build a knowledge base for students working in a global environment in the future. For more information, please visit AU’s PINK information site here.